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We don’t charge for our initial assessment of your financial position & mortgage feasibility.

  • You don’t ‘tick’ all the boxes with high street lenders
  • You’ve been to your own bank & given up hope
  • You’ve been to your own bank & had your time wasted
  • You’re too busy running your own business to ‘shop around’
  • Your income isn’t a straight forward, salaried payslip
  • You’re probably paying too much & have been sat on the same interest rate for a while

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We have experience in securing mortgages for the following;

Directors – with 1 to 30 staff

  • Often taking a small salary & mostly dividends
  • You’ve been trading for years as a sole trader and have recently incorporated to trade as a limited company
  • You may have been trading for less than 1 year
  • Your company profits may be great but yet your income not quite enough to take the mortgage you hoped to achieve
  • There are often a small number of directors
  • You know your business figures inside out but couldn't tell what your personal/ directors income is if questioned
  • There is a great variation in maximum lending available, based on a number of lenders reviewing the same income levels and accounts information
  • Complex incomes

We specialise in arranging mortgages for Ltd Company directors and the Self Employed


  • Often accountants, solicitors and actuaries trade as LLP's
  • Income could be from Salary, Share of Profit or Drawings
  • Could be an Equity Partner or a Salaried Partner
  • Complex income type


  • Lenders take Net Profit (not a salary) either before or after tax
  • They may take an average of the last 2yrs or 3yrs figures; or 1yrs accounts plus an accountant’s projection
  • Calculations may be dependent on whether profits, turnover and assets are increasing or decreasing
  • Typically there will be low retained profits
  • Often the majority, or all profits, are taken as drawings

Newly Qualified Professionals

  • You may not have even started your first contract or employment yet
  • You would like a mortgage based on your new income to be
  • Want to buy somewhere to live in near their first job but it hasn’t started yet
  • This can be Teachers, Doctors, Dentists, or other professionals

We arranged a mortgage for a teacher; their first year was a 1 year contract not a permanent position. The purchase and house move completed before she started her first day at her first job.


  • Income could be from Salary, a % Share of Profit or Drawings
  • Could be an Equity Partner or a Salaried Partner
  • Complex income type
  • Lenders may choose to use either net profit or gross profit

Specialist Contractors; IT, Oil & Gas Engineers

  • Often change 'employers' or contracts regularly
  • Lack of consistent history with one 'employer'
  • Often high daily rates
  • May be under an umbrella company
  • Often operate through Agencies

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